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Fundamentals Classes
Fall 2020                  

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Performance Workshop (In-Person):

Join professionals and hobbyists to workshop songs in a supportive and informal group setting. This class is great for anyone who needs practice singing in front of a group, transferring technique out of a 1-1 lesson, connecting with an audience, preparing for an audition, cultivating a rock/pop persona or cultivating their own listening/feedback skills.

Dates: Monday evenings, 5:30pm - 7/7:30pm
Online classes available on request.


Singing Fundamentals (Online):

Learn the basics of singing technique and vocal health. Even if you're not a beginner, this class is a great way to revisit and deepen your knowledge. 
Dates TBD - new classes are added as requests come in 

Looking for affordable classes on singing technique for musical theater and contemporary commercial styles? Danielle Amedeo V&AT Studios has trained professional singers on and off Broadway, Oscar nominated actors, touring band musicians, and aspiring performers in NYC. Her in-person and online classes cater to students from all over the world who cannot otherwise access NYC studio level training due to cost or location. BIPOC are prioritized, but all are welcome!

What does it cost?

Every class series is $20/person per session.

Payments can be made on a weekly basis. No down payment is required. If you have other scheduling or access needs, please add those details in your contact form and Danielle will do her absolute best to accommodate you. Even the fee is adjustable, just reach out!


To learn more or register for the weekly in-person performance class, fill out the form below.

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