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Voice & Alexander Technique Studio


I help students of all ages and experience levels learn to sing, build confidence and consistency as a performer, and develop a greater ease of personal expression. My expertise is in musical theater and contemporary, commercial music styles. Work will be grounded in physicality and mindfulness, and supported by the latest in voice science research.


Is your body holding you back? The Alexander Technique blends body awareness and simple movement procedures with a mindfulness practice to improve coordination and address the habits, distractions, and chronic discomforts interfering with your every-day activities. In its essence, this work will teach you how to live a more present and conscious life. 


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Voice Lessons


I work with multiple singing techniques and genres of music to address each of my student’s individual goals.  Our lessons will be challenging, rewarding and fun. Together, we’ll work on sound quality, range and agility, pitch precision, healthy belting, building confidence, stylistic choices, and personall expression.


Our lessons will have three broad areas of focus:

  1. Discovering a unique and personal sound through playful vocal exploration.
    Influences: Chuck Jones, Arthur Lessac and Roy Hart.

  2. Developing concrete skills like range and agility with classic singing exercises.
    Influences: bel canto and musical theater singing techniques

  3. Understanding how thinking and physicality play a necessary role in vocalization.
    Influences: the Alexander Technique, psychophysical education, and acting training.


I also incorporate performance coaching, acting coaching and audition preparation when appropriate. For more information, take a look at my blog or send me an email

- Ethan Hawke, five time Academy and Tony Award nominated actor, writer and director


Our work together was invaluable. Thank you, Danielle, with all my love and gratitude.


Broadway aspiring and professional actors

The majority of my voice students are New York actors, on- and off-Broadway. All my theater students work on belt, mix and legit singing and learn how to make stylistic choices that will work in auditions. Lessons will include audition preparation and coaching, choosing repertoire and performance coaching. 


Refine your performance style. Make it sustainable.

Professional recording artists should perform with consistency on the road and in the studio.  If you're still developing your voice and performance style, then lessons will uncover more options, colors, textures and range to explore. 


Your voice should reflect who you are.

I work with trans and nonbinary students to develop a singing and speaking style that matches the identity that feels authentic to them and that they wish to portray to the world. Together, we explore gender-typical and societal norms for the voice to determine what feels right and what does not, and what lies beyond that framework. It's a beautiful journey of self-discovery. Let's get started!

Alexander Technique for Singers

How can it help?

Pelvic X-Ray
Breath Support

Sing longer phrases with volume and consistency by addressing foundational issues of breath support and coordination.

Tension affects the quality of your tone and limits range and breath capacity. Alexander Technique addresses the root  of tension and sets the voice free.

This mindfulness practice will calm and quiet a hyperactive nervous system, improving chronic anxiety and reducing performance jitters.

Performance Anxiety
Danielle Amedeo-045.jpg

Your body is intrinsic to your art. If you're struggling to deliver your best performance because of physical limitations, Alexander Technique can help. That's why the best conservatories globally incorporate this work in their curriculum. 


A full day in the recording studio and gigs every night. Your voice and body will have the stamina to make it through to your finale.

Learn More

Learn more about the Alexander Technique here.

Hawke expertly captures Baker’s angular fragility, both in his languidly crumpled face and his voice – and what a voice Hawke turns out to have, full of uninsistent, weather-beaten yearning."


—  Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

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718 - 755 - 2981

danielleamedeo at gmail dot com

I teach out of southern and midtown Manhattan, and New Jersey. Email me for more information.


My voice studio is a safe space: z races, ethnicities, gender presentations, sexual orientations, religions, body sizes, and abilities are welcome. 

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