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Born to Be Blue Film Reviews!

Born to Be Blue, 2014 starring Ethan Hawke and Carmen Ejogo

I'm so incredibly proud of the work Ethan did on this picture, cleaning up his earthy, raspy singing voice and discovering a clean, jazzy tone that was representive of Chet Baker's achey, yearning voice. Here are some links to the wonderful reviews he received for his hard work in this film.

“Hawke expertly captures Baker’s angular fragility, both in his languidly crumpled face and his voice – and what a voice Hawke turns out to have, full of uninsistent, weather-beaten yearning.”

-The Telegraph (LINK)

“…lovely design couples with the vibrant score and Hawke’s vocals make Budreau’s film a memorable event”. – Screen Daily (LINK)

“What more than passes for haunting, hypnotic filmmaking is the way Hawke invests himself in Baker. He makes us feel the act of will it takes for Baker to blow out a note through his injured mouth. Kevin Turcotte plays Baker’s horn solos, but Hawke himself provides the whispery vocals that made Baker such a unique artist, especially  his impeccable phrasing on “My Funny Valentine” and “I’ve Never Been in Love Before.”

– Rolling Stone (LINK)

“One of the best sequences shows a small concert Baker gave in a recording studio…where he sings “My Funny Valentine” with such a lonely private ache that time seems to stand still. In that sequence, even if you had never heard one of his songs, you can understand the obsession Baker still generates.”

– Roger Ebert (LINK)

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